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Since 1979, Universal Tool & Engineering has been providing industrial solutions for the most demanding tasks. UTE now has the largest selection of CNC Tube Benders in the US with a wide variety of sizes in stock to meet any need. As a manufacture of CNC tube benders, we can customize a machine to your exact specifications. Our knowledgeable sales staff is trained to provide the service and support you need. With service techs strategically located throughout the US, UTE’s service personnel are readily available to assist and arrive on-site in 24 - 48 hours, minimizing any downtime. No matter what your need is; a new or custom CNC tube bender, robotic work cell, automated loading, hole punching, end forming, CNC bender control retrofit, or technical expertise and training, let UTE show you why we’re trusted by thousands of companies to provide them with the best tube fabrication solutions in the industry.

We Gauge Success by Customer Satisfaction.

UTE Made in the USA - CNC Tube Benders

UTE's Electric CNC Rotary Draw Tube Benders combine rugged durability with fast, repeatable bending. With standard features such as both right hand and left hand bending as well as generated bend (push bend) capability, these CNC Benders deliver high performance and flexibility. American made with standard nonproprietary components, UTE's CNC Tube Benders are easy to maintain and even easier to use thanks to industry leading BendPro G2 V2 touch screen controls. Whether the application is automotive, aerospace, hvac or furniture, UTE's CNC line of tube fabrication equipment will save you time and money. Best of all, these CNC tube benders are completely made in the USA.

UTE Select – CNC Tube Benders

Our newest line of CNC Tube Benders are made to US specifications and dimensions for added convenience and efficient production. Our UTE Select Tube Benders feature BendPro G2 V2 touch screen controllers which utilize windows based operating systems for intuitive controls which are designed to enhance productivity and minimize training requirements as compared to other control systems.

UTE Alpine - CNC Tube Benders

We are proud to be the exclusive east coast distributor of Alpine CNC tube and pipe bender equipment. Alpine mandrel bending machines come in electric, hydraulic and electric/hydraulic hybrid configurations and can be utilized in a vast variety of applications. Alpine Benders have a reputation for dependability and are built to ensure consistent, long-lasting performance. Touch screen controls make running the machine intuitive and ensures speedy and smooth operation. No matter what the demands of the job, Alpine CNC tube benders have the versatility to provide reliable production, quickly and consistently.

UTE Has Built for a Wide Variety of Industries

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  • Cycling
  • Plumbing
  • Nascar
  • HVAC

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